Window Cleaning Equipment Advice

Window Cleaning Equipment Advice

1. Squeegee
A good quality squeegee is an absolute must. The best size is around 35 cm wide. This size will work well on most windows and once you have mastered this size, you can move to a larger one to make the job easier and faster.

2. Scrubber
A scrubber is used to wet and clean the window before using the squeegee. If you don’t want to run out and get a scrubber, you can use a good natural sponge instead.

3. Bucket
Have an appropriate sized bucket to hold the window cleaning solution.

4. Rag or Chamois and Microfiber
It is a good idea to use dry cloth or chamois for drying the squeegee rubber blade and edges of glass. A microfiber glass cloth is the best for touching up the glass.

5. Scraper
You may need a scraper to remove paint or other stubborn debris. Use carefully to avoid damaging the glass.

6. Extension Pole
You will need an extension pole if you have high, or hard-to-reach windows. You can get an extension pole made for a squeegee – this will allow you to stand on the ground and reach the high windows without a ladder. Keeping in mind if doing outside windows tap water will leave water marks if you don’t squeegee it off.

7. Professional service will give the best result

What most people don’t realise that there is a real art to using a squeegee and window cleaning properly. With years of experience we will always leave your windows with an impressive shine!